Teaching Network

I didn’t realize how many connections to other teacher I really had until I had to map it out. Because of my professional involvement in color guard- probably 90% of my friends are also color guard teachers. So I can and do use them as resources for new methods of teaching and techniques. As far as classroom teachers, I still have many connections there too. The two biggest being my mom and step dad. Both have been teaching for 20+ years. My mom taught economics for 14 years and then history now for several years; but she’s also been teaching color guard throughtout her entire teaching career. She was my color guard teacher in high school.  My stepdad, Mark, has been teaching music/Band the entirety of his career. He was my band director throughout high school. Many family friends are all teachers, including my moms best friends who I know very well.

I also have professors from my past university, Texas Woman’s University, that I believe I could contact if I needed advice or help with my teaching experience. I developed friendships with a couple of them after the class was complete and they are great examples to look up to.

Something I thought was interesting from the NetSmart book was that most people will take in the habits and emotions of the people they surround themselvs with. Someone with friends that are obese, smoke and are unhappy are just as likely to be obese, smoke and unhappy. This can definently apply to who I surround myself with when I am a teacher. If I chose to connect with teachers that are unhappy with their career and their students; I may become unhappy with my career and students. So I want to make sure I surround myself with teachers that are enthusiastic about their jobs and about their students so that I can become a strong, inspiring educator.


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