News Comment

I chose this article, from the Huffington Post, because it is relivant to my field but its also an important problem to recognize. It happens in many fields however, our field is dealing directly with children and these kinds of issues can really disturb children emotionally and psychologically. I think staying educated on these kinds of issues will help teachers  to identify suspicious behavior and how important it is to speak up.

Below is my submitted comment and the few comments around it, when I commented it was a conversation of 440+ comments and still very active. There were comments as new as 3 minutes upon reading the article so I thought I would add to the dialoge. My biggest reason for picking this particular news article were the comments below. Some people were being serious but amny were many gross jokes are how they wished they had teachers like that when they were in school. I mentioned equal punishment for both genders as the effects on the students are the same no matter what their gender is.


#EngChat reflection

It was very fast pace and hard to keep up however, I thought the amount of information and resources being thrown out to everyone is extremely helpful. Because communities such as #EngChat share resources and ideas, it helps to keep out the monotony of typical high school English classrooms.

During the chaotic stream of the twitter chat, I was able to jot down a couple resources that I would be interested in learning more about and potentially using them whenever I become a teacher…

  • Kidblog
  • Live Binder
  • ThingLink




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