Where I’m From

I am from action figures and comic books,

from the Val Kilmer batman and radio-active spiders.

I am from an only childhood and a broken family,

from make-believe mermaids and playing outside.


I am from stolen lunches and broken bones.

I am from a place where I am the minority,

where I am the weirdo.

but from that hate, I became strong and caring.


I am from long drives and 60’s music,

from days with my mom who plays hookie.

I am from funerals and live childbirth,

from my sister’s first laugh and days of board games.


I am from dance and performing,

from the 100,000s of people watching.

I am from the adrenaline rush and pure happiness

from creativity and expression.


I am from the realizations of beauty and happiness,

that hides in the midst of sadness.

I am from the choice to be happy,

and all the paths you can take to find it.



Another Denzel Movie Poster DS106 #C

The assignment was to improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. This poster is from the movie “Flight” which is the newest Denzel Washington movie where he is the good guy, but made to look like the bad guy but still comes out as the good guy/badass in the end. the photo editing was actually done in Photobucket’s editor. Its really easy to use and actually does a ton of things.