Where I’m From

I am from action figures and comic books,

from the Val Kilmer batman and radio-active spiders.

I am from an only childhood and a broken family,

from make-believe mermaids and playing outside.


I am from stolen lunches and broken bones.

I am from a place where I am the minority,

where I am the weirdo.

but from that hate, I became strong and caring.


I am from long drives and 60’s music,

from days with my mom who plays hookie.

I am from funerals and live childbirth,

from my sister’s first laugh and days of board games.


I am from dance and performing,

from the 100,000s of people watching.

I am from the adrenaline rush and pure happiness

from creativity and expression.


I am from the realizations of beauty and happiness,

that hides in the midst of sadness.

I am from the choice to be happy,

and all the paths you can take to find it.



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